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Season 5Episode 20December 8, 2023

Keeping Kids Safe in the Homeschool Boom, with Angela Grimberg

Most parents who homeschool their children have the kids’ best interests in mind, but how do we prevent the small percentage who are abusive parents from using homeschooling to isolate

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Season 4Episode 16September 23, 2022

Best of the Best: Are We Solving the Wrong Problem in Child Welfare?, with Jerry Milner

Reimagining the child welfare system of the future. This episode originally aired on July 29, 2021.

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Season 4Episode 6April 14, 2022

Reframing Childhood Adversity with Julie Sweetland

What if the way we message about the problems of child abuse and childhood adversity makes it harder to solve them?

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Season 4Episode 1January 27, 2022

How Accurate Is Memory After 20 Years?, with Gail Goodman, Ph.D.

In recent years, many adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse have come forward to seek justice, disclosing painful memories of traumatic events from decades before; now, new research explores how

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Season 3Episode 18December 26, 2021

Prevention, Healing, & Justice: A Blueprint for Action, with Dr. Daniela Ligiero

What do we really know about violence against children—and what would it mean if thousands of organizations banded together to demand changes to better support families and protect children?

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Season 3Episode 17December 9, 2021

Do Anti-Poverty Programs Reduce Child Abuse?, with Dr. Hank Puls

Could investing more in anti-poverty programs not only reduce poverty in the U.S. but also reduce child abuse and neglect?

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Season 3Episode 12August 31, 2021

Taking Stock: The Plan to End Child Abuse Deaths, Five Years On, with Amy Harfeld, Caitlin Andrews, and Lia Russell

Five years ago, a federal commission came up with 114 recommendations to reduce child abuse fatalities, and now we’re taking stock to see what’s changed—or hasn’t changed—since then.

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Season 3Episode 11July 29, 2021

Are We Solving the Wrong Problem in Child Welfare? with Dr. Jerry Milner

Reimagining the child welfare system of the future.

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Season 2Episode 3January 24, 2020

The Child-Trafficking-to-Adult-Prostitution Pipeline, with Yasmin Vafa

The connections between child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and the adult sex trade—and how full decriminalization of adult prostitution could end up harming kids.

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Season 1Episode 10September 30, 2019

Radically Vulnerable: Achieving Justice for Survivors, with Marci Hamilton

CHILD USA’s Prof. Marci Hamilton joins us to discuss the legal landscape for survivors of child sexual abuse—and what else society must do to protect children.

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