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Season 6Episode 10July 12, 2024

Which Kids Do We Believe?, with Maggie Stevenson, Ph.D.

White kids are much more likely than children of color to be believed when they disclose sexual abuse. So what can we do to help all kids get justice?

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Season 6Episode 9June 27, 2024

How Good Are We at Keeping Kids Safe?, with Laura Avery and Katherine Stewart

When it comes to child sexual abuse and exploitation, a new study of 28 states shows we’re not doing very well. So what can we do about it? Please take

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Season 6Episode 8June 13, 2024

What Is Weathering?, with Dr. Arline Geronimus

Dr. Arline Geronimus talks about weathering, how health and aging have more to do with systemic oppression—how society treats us—than how well we take care of ourselves.

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Season 6Episode 7May 30, 2024

How Good Are Parents at Recognizing Grooming?, with Elizabeth Jeglic, Ph.D.

Would you recognize grooming if you saw it? We all think we know what it means, but that doesn’t mean we’re any good at spotting it—even if we’re parents determined

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Season 6Episode 6May 16, 2024

Climate Change and Violence Against Children, with Jorge Cuartas, Ph.D.

To what degree have we yet to reckon with the way climate change may increase violence against children?

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Season 6Episode 5May 2, 2024

Treating Adolescents With Problematic Sexual Behaviors, with Melissa Grady, Ph.D., and Jamie Yoder, Ph.D.

For problematic sexual behavior in teens, what are the risk factors and key opportunities to interrupt and treat this behavior?

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Season 6Episode 4April 20, 2024

Boys: The Invisible Victims of Child Sex Trafficking, with Amanda Connella and Sandra Stone, Ph.D.

What places boys at special risk for sex trafficking, and how can we help them?

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Season 6Episode 3April 5, 2024

Making Prevention Education Accessible for All, with Melissa Bright, Ph.D.

Children with intellectual and developmental disabilities are at an increased risk of abuse and neglect than children without those disabilities, so why aren’t there prevention programs for them that have

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Season 6Episode 2February 12, 2024

A Sea of Red Dots: The Explosion in Online Child Sexual Abuse, with Elizabeth and Ted Cross and Stefan Turkheimer

In the face of a growing market for child sexual abuse materials, how do we keep kids safe—and how do we hold tech companies accountable?

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Season 6Episode 1January 16, 2024

Why Do People Believe Conspiracy Theories About Human Trafficking?, with Maureen Kenny, Ph.D.

Why do people believe conspiracy theories about human trafficking, and how can we persuade them to believe the truth?

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