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Season 6Episode 4April 20, 2024

Boys: The Invisible Victims of Child Sex Trafficking

What places boys at special risk for sex trafficking, and how can we help them?

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Season 6Episode 3April 5, 2024

Making Prevention Education Accessible for All, with Melissa Bright, Ph.D.

Children with intellectual and developmental disabilities are at an increased risk of abuse and neglect than children without those disabilities, so why aren’t there prevention programs for them that have

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Season 6Episode 2February 12, 2024

A Sea of Red Dots: The Explosion in Online Child Sexual Abuse, with Elizabeth and Ted Cross and Stefan Turkheimer

In the face of a growing market for child sexual abuse materials, how do we keep kids safe—and how do we hold tech companies accountable?

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Season 6Episode 1January 16, 2024

Why Do People Believe Conspiracy Theories About Human Trafficking?, with Maureen Kenny, Ph.D.

Why do people believe conspiracy theories about human trafficking, and how can we persuade them to believe the truth?

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Season 5Episode 21December 22, 2023

Understanding Kids With Problematic Sexual Behaviors, with Geoff Sidoli, MSW, LCSW

For kids who engage in problematic sexual behaviors, why do they act out? How treatable are they? And how can we help them get healthy and thrive? Geoff Sidoli joins

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Season 5Episode 20December 8, 2023

Keeping Kids Safe in the Homeschool Boom, with Angela Grimberg

Most parents who homeschool their children have the kids’ best interests in mind, but how do we prevent the small percentage who are abusive parents from using homeschooling to isolate

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Season 5Episode 19November 23, 2023

Cultural Considerations Working With Middle Eastern and North African Families, with Marina Bassili, PsyD

What cultural factors may affect Middle Eastern and North African families when they come into contact with the U.S. child welfare system?

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Season 5Episode 18November 13, 2023

Glimpsing the Iceberg: Corporal Punishment and Physical Abuse, with Amy Slep, Ph.D.

To truly address child physical abuse, we have to understand the scope of the problem and how parents’ use of corporal punishment can escalate to the point in which children

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Season 5Episode 17October 27, 2023

Tailoring TF-CBT to Black Children and Youth, with Isha Metzger, Ph.D.

What do you do if, as a clinician and researcher, you see that a population of kids is not, perhaps, receiving the full benefit of the best treatment? If you’re

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Season 5Episode 16October 16, 2023

TF-CBT: Helping Kids Get Better, with Anthony Mannarino, Ph.D.

TF-CBT, an effective treatment for kids who have experienced trauma, has continued to evolve to meet the needs of different populations. So what’s next?

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