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Season 1Episode 12December 18, 2019

The Family-Focused Advocate, with Libby Ralston

How can we get more child abuse victims and their families to participate in mental health treatment?

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Season 1Episode 11December 4, 2019

Beyond ACEs, with Dr. Lisa Amaya-Jackson

Why context matters when it comes to an individual’s adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)—and why all ACEs are not created equal.

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Season 1Episode 10September 30, 2019

Radically Vulnerable: Achieving Justice for Survivors, with Marci Hamilton

CHILD USA’s Prof. Marci Hamilton joins us to discuss the legal landscape for survivors of child sexual abuse—and what else society must do to protect children.

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Season 1Episode 9September 13, 2019

Housing Instability and Child Welfare, with Maya Brennan

The Urban Institute’s Maya Brennan joins us to examine the out-size impact that housing instability has on family well-being.

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Season 1Episode 8August 23, 2019

The Edge of Compassion, with Françoise Mathieu

Françoise Mathieu joins us to talk about how to remain effective and compassionate and cope with a high-stress job.

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Season 1Episode 7August 5, 2019

Prediction as Prevention, with Emily Putnam-Hornstein

At-risk children, implicit bias in the child welfare system, and what role big data should have in making potentially life-and-death decisions about children’s safety.

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Season 1Episode 6July 12, 2019

Treating the Smoke and Not the Fire, with Darrell Hammond and Michelle Esrick

From Darrell Hammond and Michelle Esrick, the duo behind Cracked Up, a discussion about how too often society treats the effects of childhood trauma instead of the cause.

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Season 1Episode 5June 28, 2019

The Science of Storytelling, with Nat Kendall-Taylor

How can we get people to engage in conversations about an uncomfortable topic—child sexual abuse? How should we change our messaging to give people hope for progress?

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Season 1Episode 4June 19, 2019

The Failure That Leads to All Others, with Mary Graw Leary

Child sexual abuse in institutional settings is a problem we know how to fix—the challenge is getting institutions to make child protection a priority.

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Season 1Episode 3May 31, 2019

The Bystander Effect—Why People Don’t Report Child Abuse, with Dr. Wendy Walsh

Why people shy away from reporting suspected child abuse—and how we can overcome those barriers.

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