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Season 6Episode 5May 2, 2024

Treating Adolescents With Problematic Sexual Behaviors, with Melissa Grady, Ph.D., and Jamie Yoder, Ph.D.

For problematic sexual behavior in teens, what are the risk factors and key opportunities to interrupt and treat this behavior?

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Season 6Episode 4April 20, 2024

Boys: The Invisible Victims of Child Sex Trafficking, with Amanda Connella and Sandra Stone, Ph.D.

What places boys at special risk for sex trafficking, and how can we help them?

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Season 6Episode 2February 12, 2024

A Sea of Red Dots: The Explosion in Online Child Sexual Abuse, with Elizabeth and Ted Cross and Stefan Turkheimer

In the face of a growing market for child sexual abuse materials, how do we keep kids safe—and how do we hold tech companies accountable?

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Season 5Episode 12August 17, 2023

Are We Remembering the Boys?, with Mark Kavenagh, Ph.D.

What do we know about how boys experience sexual exploitation, and how do we ensure that every victim of every gender gets the help that they need to heal?

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Season 5Episode 10July 1, 2023

Why Do Kids Blame Themselves After Abuse?, with Dr. Ernest Jouriles

How do we help children who have been sexually abused believe that abuse is never, ever their fault?

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Season 5Episode 3March 13, 2023

Season 5Episode 1January 27, 2023

When Abuse Strikes Twice, with Miranda Kaye, Ph.D.

Both civilian and military families experience the same stressors that may contribute to child abuse and neglect, but military families experience additional stressors.

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Season 4Episode 20November 17, 2022

America’s Inconsistent Response to Child Sexual Abuse, with Araceli Irurzun-Pérez

How does the U.S., and 12 states in particular, stack up against other countries on child sexual abuse prevention and intervention?

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