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Season 3Episode 8May 20, 2021

The ACEs Message and Its Unintended Consequences, with Dr. Jonathan Purtle

Jonathan Purtle from Drexel University explores the best, and worst, ways to talk to the public about the long-term impacts of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as child abuse.

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Season 3Episode 7May 7, 2021

The Journey to Jenna’s Law, with Jenna Quinn

Jenna Quinn, a survivor of child sexual abuse who became a champion of abuse prevention public policy, joins us to discuss how centering survivors’ experiences can affect policy and how

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Season 3Episode 6April 16, 2021

A Pathway to Healing, with Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson joins us as we ask: How do you end intergenerational abuse—helping families identify the root causes of trauma and truly heal?

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Season 3Episode 5March 25, 2021

Addressing the Doctor Deficit, with Dr. Suzanne Starling

Renowned medical expert Dr. Suzanne Starling joins us to talk about the scarcity of child abuse pediatricians and other challenges we face in ensuring that children who have been abused

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Season 3Episode 4March 11, 2021

Engaging the Hope Within Us, an Interview with Deondra and Gregory Brown

Deondra and Gregory Brown of The 5 Browns discuss the power of music to help heal survivors and their work on behalf of child victims of abuse.

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Season 3Episode 3February 18, 2021

Neglect and the Ecosystem of Abuse, with Paul DiLorenzo

Paul DiLorenzo asks how we might interrupt the cycle of generational abuse by stopping the cycle of chronic neglect—and what prevents us from doing this right now?

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Season 3Episode 2January 29, 2021

An Interview with Filmmaker Sasha Joseph Neulinger

We talk to Sasha Neulinger, director and producer of the acclaimed documentary, Rewind, about reckoning with his past as a victim of child sexual abuse and his inner journey to

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Season 3Episode 1January 7, 2021

Is Child Sexual Abuse Inevitable? – with Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau

What if instead of focusing exclusively on victims and parents for child sexual abuse prevention, we turned to the source of the problem: the person at risk of sexually abusing

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