Engaging the Hope Within Us, an Interview with Deondra and Gregory Brown

Season 3Episode 4March 11, 2021

Deondra and Gregory Brown of The 5 Browns discuss the power of music to help heal survivors and their work on behalf of child victims of abuse.

On today’s episode, “Engaging the Hope Within Us,” our guests are award-winning classical pianists and siblings Gregory and Deondra Brown of The 5 Browns. When we think of classical music, we often think only of the beauty of it, not also of the pain and vulnerability that it can express and evoke. The 5 Browns shook perceptions of the classical music world when they revealed that all three sisters had been sexually abused as children and sought justice in their case. This brave act shattered stereotypes and elevated the issue of child sexual abuse in an audience where it had previously been little discussed. Our conversation today touches some core questions. How does music connect us to our own humanity? How can music help heal survivors in broken places that nothing else seems to reach? And how does the love and supportive family, as allies, help survivors thrive?

Topics in this episode:

  • The 5 Browns (1:29)
  • Deciding to disclose (4:34)
  • Advice for allies and survivors (8:04)
  • The power and benefit of music (21:45)
  • The Little Tin Box and supporting CACs/CJCs (33:44)
  • Learn more about our work (48:28)


The 5 Browns

The Little Tin Box

Tracey Tabet is the administrator for the Utah Children’s Justice Center (CJC) Program, where she oversees the state’s Children’s Justice Centers and serves as the director of the Utah Chapter of NCA

Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) is the term we use at the national level, but some states use Children’s Justice Center (CJC)

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