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Season 4Episode 15September 8, 2022

Best of the Best: Faith, Trauma, and the Problem of Evil, with Victor Vieth

How should we handle it when abused children have spiritual questions? How do we help child protection professionals wrestling with the trauma they witness and its impact on their own

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Season 4Episode 11June 24, 2022

Beyond Pride: Can Kids Trust Us When They Tell Us Who They Are?, with Al Killen-Harvey

With the recent push for anti-trans bills and states making it difficult if not impossible for trans youth to receive gender-affirming care, how do we better support LGBTQ youth and

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Season 3Episode 10July 15, 2021

The Trauma They Carried, with Dr. Jordan Greenbaum

How do we identify kids at risk of child sex trafficking, and how do we address the trauma and pain victims of trafficking have survived and carry with them?

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Season 3Episode 8May 20, 2021

The ACEs Message and Its Unintended Consequences, with Dr. Jonathan Purtle

Jonathan Purtle from Drexel University explores the best, and worst, ways to talk to the public about the long-term impacts of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as child abuse.

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Season 3Episode 7May 7, 2021

The Journey to Jenna’s Law, with Jenna Quinn

Jenna Quinn, a survivor of child sexual abuse who became a champion of abuse prevention public policy, joins us to discuss how centering survivors’ experiences can affect policy and how

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Season 3Episode 6April 16, 2021

A Pathway to Healing, with Patrick Anderson

Patrick Anderson joins us as we ask: How do you end intergenerational abuse—helping families identify the root causes of trauma and truly heal?

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Season 3Episode 4March 11, 2021

Engaging the Hope Within Us, an Interview with Deondra and Gregory Brown

Deondra and Gregory Brown of The 5 Browns discuss the power of music to help heal survivors and their work on behalf of child victims of abuse.

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Season 2Episode 15August 6, 2020

Best of the Best: Greater Than the Sum—Multiple Adversities in Children’s Lives, with Dr. Sherry Hamby

In this rebroadcast of a popular episode, adversity and even violence are common in children’s lives. So how do we help kids thrive?

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Season 2Episode 14July 17, 2020

Best of the Best: The Hidden Cost of Resilience, with Ernestine Briggs-King, Ph.D.

In this rebroadcast of a popular episode, resilience is good, but research shows all may not be well with kids who look like they’re doing just fine.

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Season 2Episode 4February 14, 2020

Mending the Tears of Violence, with Dr. Sherry Hamby

Adversity and even violence are common in children’s lives. So how do we help kids thrive?

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