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Season 4Episode 14August 25, 2022

The Future of Possible in Children’s Advocacy Centers, with Ted Cross

Over the last two decades, a growing evidence base has demonstrated the effectiveness of the Children’s Advocacy Center model, but what do we still need to learn to improve our

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Season 3Episode 4March 11, 2021

Engaging the Hope Within Us, an Interview with Deondra and Gregory Brown

Deondra and Gregory Brown of The 5 Browns discuss the power of music to help heal survivors and their work on behalf of child victims of abuse.

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Season 2Episode 6March 27, 2020

COVID-19 and Criminal Justice, with Mat Heck, Jr.

How is our criminal justice system responding to the novel coronavirus, especially when it comes to keeping kids safe from abuse?

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Season 1Episode 12December 18, 2019

The Family-Focused Advocate, with Libby Ralston

How can we get more child abuse victims and their families to participate in mental health treatment?

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