An Interview with Filmmaker Sasha Joseph Neulinger

Season 3Episode 2January 29, 2021

We talk to Sasha Neulinger, director and producer of the acclaimed documentary, Rewind, about reckoning with his past as a victim of child sexual abuse and his inner journey to healing and hope.

On today’s episode, we talk with Sasha Neulinger, director and producer of the award-winning documentary, Rewind, a film about his survival of abuse. Now for those listeners who attended our conference and watch party, you already know his powerful film. But for those who might be new to Sasha and his work, run, don’t walk, to your Amazon Prime account and queue up this great film.

Now, some of you might be thinking, “After a day of dealing with child abuse, why would I want to watch the film and listen to this episode?” In one single word: Hope. What makes Sasha’s account so unique are really two things. One, he didn’t have to rely on his memory alone to reflect on his childhood. He had 200 hours of film of his everyday life as a child and could watch as an adult and dissect how and when his abuse impacted his life. And two, he filmed his own reckoning with his past. With all the pain, yes, but also with all the resilience and hope that came with understanding and loving his inner child. What Sasha ultimately captured was radical self-acceptance and hope.

In this episode, we explore that journey—both the filmmaker’s journey and Sasha’s inner journey to healing and hope. Take a listen.

Topics in this episode:

  • Unresolved trauma: Making the film (1:39)
  • Facing your fears (7:17)
  • What audiences need (15:35)
  • Call to action (25:29)
  • Helping adult survivors (30:15)
  • What’s next for Sasha (40:17)


Sasha Joseph Neulinger, director and producer of critically acclaimed documentary Rewind.

Amazon Prime members can stream Rewind for free. It’s also available on AppleTViTunes, and Google Play, and it aired on Independent Lens on PBS.

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