Is Abuse Contagious? – with Dr. Dyann Daley

Season 2Episode 18October 8, 2020

Dr. Dyann Daley takes a public health perspective on preventing child abuse and shows us how to find “hot spots” where prevention resources and services are needed most.

Join us for a conversation with a guest who does fascinating work—Dyann Daley of Predict Align Prevent. As a pediatric anesthesiologist, Dr. Daley was driven by the sight of little kids fighting for their lives in the emergency room because they had been abused. She started a nonprofit that uses existing data to find neighborhoods that are hot spots for abuse—including some places where folks say, “Oh, not, that’s not a problem on this side of town.” How can a family’s environment raise the risk of abuse? And what can we do to get abuse prevention services to the neighborhoods where they’re needed the most?

In this episode:

  • Children 0-3 most at risk of dying from abuse (1:45)
  • Environment influences behavior: A place-based approach to prevention (4:28)
  • The Predict Align Prevent model (11:53)
  • Office of Prevention and targeted universalism (16:50)
  • Protecting kids to death (30:31)
  • What the critics say (42:05)
  • There is no evil overlord hoarding data (47:35)
  • What can people do? (51:49)


Dyann Daley, MD, is a pediatric anesthesiologist and the founder and CEO of the nonprofit Predict Align Prevent (PAP)

Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities

The Richmond, Va., report; an ethical evaluation of the PAP program; and other resources are available online at

Gary Slutkin, MD, former head of the World Health Organization’s Intervention Development Unit, founded Cure Violence (

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

Nurse-Family Partnership

Casey Family Programs

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