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Season 3Episode 10July 15, 2021

The Trauma They Carried, with Dr. Jordan Greenbaum

How do we identify kids at risk of child sex trafficking, and how do we address the trauma and pain victims of trafficking have survived and carry with them?

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Season 3Episode 3February 18, 2021

Neglect and the Ecosystem of Abuse, with Paul DiLorenzo

Paul DiLorenzo asks how we might interrupt the cycle of generational abuse by stopping the cycle of chronic neglect—and what prevents us from doing this right now?

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Season 2Episode 18October 8, 2020

Is Abuse Contagious? – with Dr. Dyann Daley

Dr. Dyann Daley takes a public health perspective on preventing child abuse and shows us how to find “hot spots” where prevention resources and services are needed most.

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Season 1Episode 1May 2, 2019

Child Abuse as a Public Health Issue, with Dr. Elizabeth Letourneau

Instead of a public health issue, child sexual abuse is still seen by many as a criminal justice problem, leading to a lack of government support for research into preventing

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