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Season 6Episode 6May 16, 2024

Climate Change and Violence Against Children, with Jorge Cuartas, Ph.D.

To what degree have we yet to reckon with the way climate change may increase violence against children?

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Season 6Episode 5May 2, 2024

Treating Adolescents With Problematic Sexual Behaviors, with Melissa Grady, Ph.D., and Jamie Yoder, Ph.D.

For problematic sexual behavior in teens, what are the risk factors and key opportunities to interrupt and treat this behavior?

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Season 5Episode 21December 22, 2023

Understanding Kids With Problematic Sexual Behaviors, with Geoff Sidoli, MSW, LCSW

For kids who engage in problematic sexual behaviors, why do they act out? How treatable are they? And how can we help them get healthy and thrive? Geoff Sidoli joins

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Season 5Episode 17October 27, 2023

Tailoring TF-CBT to Black Children and Youth, with Isha Metzger, Ph.D.

What do you do if, as a clinician and researcher, you see that a population of kids is not, perhaps, receiving the full benefit of the best treatment? If you’re

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Season 5Episode 16October 16, 2023

TF-CBT: Helping Kids Get Better, with Anthony Mannarino, Ph.D.

TF-CBT, an effective treatment for kids who have experienced trauma, has continued to evolve to meet the needs of different populations. So what’s next?

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Season 5Episode 10July 1, 2023

Why Do Kids Blame Themselves After Abuse?, with Dr. Ernest Jouriles

How do we help children who have been sexually abused believe that abuse is never, ever their fault?

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Season 5Episode 9June 15, 2023

Addressing the Needs of Children and Families After Mass Violence, with Melissa Brymer, Angela Moreland, and Melissa Sommerville

Mass violence can come to any community, so how can we prepare to help caregivers, children, and our communities as a whole cope with mass violence and its long-term aftermath?

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Season 5Episode 6April 21, 2023

Best of the Best: Beyond ACEs, with Dr. Lisa Amaya-Jackson

In a rebroadcast of one of our best episodes from our first season, Dr. Lisa Amaya-Jackson joins us to discuss why context matters when it comes to an individual’s adverse

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Season 5Episode 3March 13, 2023

Season 5Episode 2February 17, 2023

PTSD Interrupted?, with Carrie Epstein

Is the cycle of childhood abuse, trauma symptoms, and PTSD inevitable, or can five to eight sessions of treatment be enough to reduce a child’s symptoms?

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