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Season 6Episode 1January 16, 2024

Why Do People Believe Conspiracy Theories About Human Trafficking?, with Maureen Kenny, Ph.D.

Why do people believe conspiracy theories about human trafficking, and how can we persuade them to believe the truth?

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Season 5Episode 9June 15, 2023

Addressing the Needs of Children and Families After Mass Violence, with Melissa Brymer, Angela Moreland, and Melissa Sommerville

Mass violence can come to any community, so how can we prepare to help caregivers, children, and our communities as a whole cope with mass violence and its long-term aftermath?

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Season 5Episode 5April 7, 2023

Growing Up Online: Addressing Child Sextortion, with Katie Connell

Online exploitation of children is sadly not a new phenomenon or topic, but what is new is the dramatic growth of sextortion cases—and children need our help to stay safe.

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