Bonus Content: Universal Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences, with Dr. David Finkelhor

Season 2Episode 10May 21, 2020

Bonus content from our recent interview with David Finkelhor—should we screen everyone for ACEs?

Adverse childhood experiences—also known as ACEs—can have lifelong effects. But does that mean we should screen everyone for ACEs? Recently, we spoke to Dr. David Finkelhor, from the Crimes Against Children Research Center and the University of New Hampshire, about the change in rates of abuse and neglect over time. If you listened to that episode, “Bad News Is a Story; Good News Is a Statistic,” what you didn’t hear was the conversation we had about the idea of universal screening for ACEs. Would such screening actually help? If not, what would? We spoke for just a few minutes on the topic, but we think you’ll find it interesting.

Topics in this episode:

  • When screening works best (1:28)
  • Our under-resourced behavioral health system (7:23)
  • Our next episode (11:01)


David Finkelhor, Ph.D., sociology professor, director of the Crimes Against Children Research Center, and co-director of the Family Research Laboratory at the University of New Hampshire

Bad News Is a Story, Good News Is a Statistic

Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)

Transcript to come.