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Season 4Episode 10June 10, 2022

The Limits of ACEs, with Dr. Ernestine Briggs-King and Dr. Jonathan Purtle

Decades after the original Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study, does this tool tell the complete story?

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Season 4Episode 6April 14, 2022

Reframing Childhood Adversity with Julie Sweetland

What if the way we message about the problems of child abuse and childhood adversity makes it harder to solve them?

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Season 3Episode 8May 20, 2021

The ACEs Message and Its Unintended Consequences, with Dr. Jonathan Purtle

Jonathan Purtle from Drexel University explores the best, and worst, ways to talk to the public about the long-term impacts of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) such as child abuse.

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Season 2Episode 17September 10, 2020

Can a Pandemic Have a Silver Lining? with Dr. Danielle Roubinov

COVID-19 has upended our world, but Dr. Danielle Roubinov of the University of California says it has also forced researchers to innovate in ways that could help kids and families

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Season 2Episode 14July 17, 2020

Best of the Best: The Hidden Cost of Resilience, with Ernestine Briggs-King, Ph.D.

In this rebroadcast of a popular episode, resilience is good, but research shows all may not be well with kids who look like they’re doing just fine.

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Season 2Episode 10May 21, 2020

Bonus Content: Universal Screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences, with Dr. David Finkelhor

Bonus content from our recent interview with David Finkelhor—should we screen everyone for ACEs?

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Season 2Episode 2January 10, 2020

The Hidden Cost of Resilience, with Dr. Ernestine Briggs-King

The ability to bounce back from trauma is a good thing, but research is uncovering signs that all may not be well with kids who look like they’re doing just

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Season 1Episode 11December 4, 2019

Beyond ACEs, with Dr. Lisa Amaya-Jackson

Why context matters when it comes to an individual’s adverse childhood experiences (ACEs)—and why all ACEs are not created equal.

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Season 1Episode 6July 12, 2019

Treating the Smoke and Not the Fire, with Darrell Hammond and Michelle Esrick

From Darrell Hammond and Michelle Esrick, the duo behind Cracked Up, a discussion about how too often society treats the effects of childhood trauma instead of the cause.

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