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Season 4Episode 18October 20, 2022

Why Aren’t More Child Sexual Abuse Cases Prosecuted?, with Stephanie Block, Ph.D.

Most child sexual abuse cases don’t get prosecuted—why not, and what more could we do to support children and families?

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Season 4Episode 8May 12, 2022

The Fear of False Allegations, with Tayler Jones-Cieminski

How does the fear of false allegations affect criminal cases alleging child sexual abuse, and what role does gender play?

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Season 4Episode 7April 28, 2022

Exploring a Memoir of Stolen Boyhood with Author Stephen Mills

Chosen, author Stephen Mills’ account of his abuse at the hands of a camp counselor and his journey towards healing, challenges all of us to better protect boys, and better

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Season 2Episode 21December 10, 2020

Centering Survivors in the Law, Criminal Justice Crystal Ball, Part 3, with Nelson Bunn

Nelson Bunn joins us in a look at statute of limitation (SOL) reform: While it’s good news that many states have reformed SOL laws for victims of child sexual abuse,

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Season 2Episode 19November 5, 2020

The Future of Prosecution, Criminal Justice Crystal Ball Series, Part 1, with Nelson Bunn

In the midst of a national debate about criminal justice reform, what’s the role of the prosecutor and how do we transform the system while still centering victims?

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Season 2Episode 6March 27, 2020

COVID-19 and Criminal Justice, with Mat Heck, Jr.

How is our criminal justice system responding to the novel coronavirus, especially when it comes to keeping kids safe from abuse?

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Season 2Episode 3January 24, 2020

The Child-Trafficking-to-Adult-Prostitution Pipeline, with Yasmin Vafa

The connections between child sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and the adult sex trade—and how full decriminalization of adult prostitution could end up harming kids.

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